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Product Name: Real Buffalo Bison Skull With Horns

Size: 19 to 21 inches

Color: White

Material: Real Buffalo Skull

MOQ: 10 pieces


Real Buffalo Bison Skull

Real Buffalo  Bison Skull with Horns supplier in india

  • Skulls are boiled and treated with enzymes or enzyme substrates to produce a clean finish without degrading the bone
  • No artificial sealants have been used as they can alter the color and texture of the bone
  • Bison skulls are roughly 19-21 inches long from top of head to bottom of the jaw, about 10 1/2 inches wide at the eye sockets, and 8-9 inches deep
  • Horn spread from tip to tip is 20-26 inches depending on the curvature of the horns
  • Comes with a heavy wire loop for wall hanging

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