You are currently viewing Wooden Handicrafts in 2021 Interior decorating ideas and more

Wooden Handicrafts in 2021 Interior decorating ideas and more

Wooden Handicrafts in 2021

Wood Craft styles are different in different  states of India

Each state of India contributes to the rising standards of Indian handicrafts. With such varied culture and different techniques put to use, the outcome has been that of sheer brilliance. Every state is famous for a particular wooden handicraft art form.

Madhya Pradesh provides carved wooden handicraft like wall panels, doors, window frames, idols and furniture which are crafted from Teak, Sal, Sheesham and Kikar. Various types of wooden handicraft such as masks, toys, boxes, flower vases etc. are painted and lacquered by experienced craftsmen.

Wooden Handicrafts

Rajasthan wooden handicrafts in 2021

Rajasthan, which is also known best for its wooden handicraft, has elegant products like carved tables, cabinets, chairs, tables, chests, windows, racks, chessboards etc. made out of wood. Figurines with inlay ivory work, latticework in rosewood and sandalwood are considered the highlights of the wooden handmade  industry. Rajasthan has the unique concept of painted doors which depict scenes from epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. Household items, furniture, and lamps are just some of the products in addition to puppets which are available in Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Jaipur among others.

What is beautiful thing in indian wooden art?

Most beautiful thing is craft design and durability .we the many products that break very soon but indian wooden handmade  products  are very strong

and one is special thing  in indian wooden handicraft that is indian workers are very talented who know craft very well

if you want to make your house beautiful so you have to need using indian wooden arts that will make your house beautiful

today we see that the indian handicraft is exported to the all over the world .

Wooden handicrafts

Other materials of indian handmade products

(1) horn handicrafts

(2)bone handicrafts

(3)brass handicrafts

(4)aluminum handicrafts

(5)chemical handicrafts

There are many products in indian handicrafts industry that are many famous in all over the world

that was the wooden handicrafts in 2021 in india

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